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For the past 93 years, volunteers have been a very important part of the SICSC camping ministry. One special group of volunteers has been our “Kitchen Helpers.”

The Camp Manager will be responsible for the selection and oversight of our kitchen helpers for the upcoming season.


Helping in the kitchen has been a time of fun and fellowship. The CAMP T.E.A.M. will have different expectations and rewards. What is T.E.A.M.?






This indicates the whole philosophy of the CAMP T.E.A.M. Our idea is to have young people who want to serve and mature in their spiritual life, come to SICSC and minister for a session. We realize this will be a time of great fellowship and opportunity to encourage others.

If you are interested in being a member of CAMP T.E.A.M., read on!!


What we will expect of you:

1. One hour daily of personal time with God, including Staff devotions. (Prayer, Bible study, devotions, etc.)

2. Serving in the dinning hall, kitchen and canteen.

3. Situations always arise where you may be needed. You will be expected to have a servant’s heart and attitude.


What you can expect from us;

1. The blessings of accomplishment as you realize the importance of your work in relation to a successful session of camp.


How do I qualify to become a CAMP T.E.A.M. member?

1. Must be at least 16 years of age in high school or college

2. Attend the high school session of camp

3. Secure a letter of recommendation from your Minister or Youth Minister.

4. Complete and return application with Minister’s letter of recommendation to the camp.

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