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Summer Camp Rules

1. Everyone is required to conform to the camp schedule and rules.

2. The use or possession of tobacco, alcoholic beverages, illegal, or controlled substances including drug paraphernalia and marijuana and vaping paraphernalia are prohibited on the camp premises. This does not prohibit any controlled substance or prescription medication that is taken under the care and supervision of a physician.

3. Automobiles are unnecessary during camp. If a camper brings an automobile that will be left at camp, the keys will be turned in at the camp office.

4. No comic books, magazines, pets, bicycles, skateboards, inline skates, or scooters are allowed.


6. No camper is to be out of their cabin after designated lights out. The following penalties will apply. If a camper is caught out of their cabin after lights out (unless they have a good reason approved by the dean) they will be given a warning. If they are caught out a second time the parents will be called to come and pick up their child. If a camper is caught out of their cabin after lights out and is involved in an inappropriate activity the parents will be called and asked to come and pick up their child at the first offense. In such cases the camp fee will not be refunded. Cabin parents do not have the authority to override this rule. 

7. There shall be no food or drinks in the cabins.

8. No camper is to be absent from class unless sick and given permission from the First Aid Supervisor.

9. Sickness and injury must be reported to the First Aid Supervisor.

10. All medications are to be given to the First Aid Supervisor during registration.

11. Upon arrival at camp the camper must check in with the registrar before going to their assigned cabin.

Dress Code (2).jpg

12. Bring clothes to play in and swim clothes (no two-piece). In the manner of dress, Christian judgement must prevail. All extremes are to be avoided and common sense is to be shown. All clothing must cover undergarments for both boys and girls. No halter tops, bare midriffs or short shorts allowed (3" inseam minimum or fingertip rule). Tops must have wide straps at minimum (2"), not be low cut, or not be overly open on the sides . A Staff or Faculty member of the same gender may request a camper to change clothes in case of inappropriate attire. 

13. In case of refusal to obey, the camp management reserves the right to dismiss and exclude the camper from camp. In such cases, the registration fee will not be refunded. 

14. No picture(s) or video(s) of camp activities, campers, or others taken in the bathrooms/cabins are allowed to be posted on the internet or sent to anyone else without being approved, in writing, by the Camp Manager.

15. The Dean has authority over all campers and faculty, however, the Camp Manager, as a representative of the Camp Board, has FINAL authority in all camp matters.

You will need to bring a signed copy of the Camp Rules form found on the Registration page, or indicate during your pre-registration that you have read or explained the rules to your child.
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